TraceBoard is not only a business solution but also an educational tool where students get the most interesting form of applied science and different types of Information, we're talking from kindergarten to University stages, from doodling to constructional views. Both educational and cultural wise TraceBoard gives a whole new prospective about "The Interactive process”. Bright Picture for a Bright mind is guaranteed with this highlighted state of the art Technology.

In information warfare era, command center building is more important, it must be an Operational command automation system, which learn knowledge from the latest technology, integrate excellent function, fast and efficient, stable and reliable, and handle smoothly. In the high-tech field, computer technology is the heart of command automation, network communications technology is the nerve of command automation, by the digital surveying and mapping support for the implementation of automation is the basis of command. And TRACE Board’s man-machine interactive intelligent platform is the essential equipment for commanders to achieve human-computer dialogue, fiction combat plan, discussion, to amend and improve the operational plan, issued a combat order, monitor operational activities and feedback operational information. Also it’s a useful tool for all levels of military and political head of staff to achieve military strategy, intelligence and command arts.

It's more like a sci-fi media Interaction whilst you are the one in charge of handling the most sophisticated yet comprehended Piece of modern technology.

Where time is money, then it's Business. As with the use of TraceBoard You've got it all, Interactive Software and Integrated with windows, Linux and Mac OS systems, You are saving time with the best assurance of delivering your Ideas and plans in all approaches; Visual , Audible and in HD.

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