Ricoh Business Center

RICOH Business Centre is a part of AZCS Office Automation Division. RICOH Business Centre offers a comprehensive range of in-house or door-to-door corporate business services to all major companies, ministries and institutions for large volume jobs. We lease / rent photocopier and fax machines, Multimedia projectors, Projection screens, Plastic identity card services with skilled operators for conferences, seminars, etc.

RICOH Business Centre offers the following services:

  • Full color and Black & White copying (A5-A3), plus transparencies
  • Engineering Drawings copying, plotting and scanning using AutoCAD 2009
  • Thermal & Spiral Binding of documents
  • Plastic identity cards designing and printing
  • Designing and Printing of Round Badge
  • Designing and printing Roll up banners and all other kinds of banners
  • Printing on T-shirts, Caps, Mugs and personalized items
  • Graphical design
  • Brochures and Flyers designing and printing
  • CD creation/ Printing CD labels
  • Document Scanning ( A5 – A0 )
  • A1 size Book Scanning using specialized ImageAccess Bookeye Scanner
  • Multimedia projectors and screens rentals
  • Lease/ Rent of Ricoh AF1075 Digital Black & White photocopier and RicohMPC2800 Digital Colour Photocopier
  • Lease/Rent of Ricoh Laser Facsimile 1130L

Other services - Creative Shop, where you can create your own designs, and print it on Mug, T-shirts, Caps. Personalized photographs through digital camera for transfer on to T-shirts, mug & caps. We provide all facilities to prepare your own project or business documentations.

ON/OFF site Backlog Conversion Services:

Many enterprises in the region suffer the enormous quantity of paper documents that are needed for processing and for storage. Although many enterprises start to implement E-Solutions in order to reduce the quantity of paper documents in addition to other benefits, yet these systems need to have the backlog of paper documents migrated into their databases. AZCS provides its customers with the service of backlog scanning in order to boost the implementation of new E-solutions and to increase the ROI of such systems in shorter periods. Backlog scanning includes paper documents analysis, document preparation, restoration, classification, indexing, data entry and migration into ECM databases using the Industry Standard Kofax Express Solutions.

AZCS has paid a great deal of attention to Backlog Scanning on a huge number of documents. AZCS has established a special department in which it has made significant investments including the hiring of a number of specialized technical employees who had successfully completed lucrative projects of Backlog Scanning for Ministry of Works, Al Ayam Newspaper and Bahrain Digital.

Backlog Scanning Process

RICOH Business Centre services prices are very competitive. Special discount with free pick-up and delivery service for large volume jobs available, allowing you to take the load off your shoulders and save your precious time and money.