Media Info Digital Library

Media Info is a web-based presentation solution for books, newspapers, manuscripts, maps as well as other digitized or born-digital content. It enables users to search and view digital content interactively, while providing high-level protection of the content against illegal use and copying down to the level of individual titles.

The advanced Media Info user interface allows users to create and share annotations, to create personal digital libraries, select interactively zones of text and images, download and print digital content based on personalized access rights. The vertically and horizontally scalable Web architecture is designed to grow with your digital collections.

The modularity of Media Info enables a number of installation and integration scenarios. It can run independently as a standalone solution, or it can be a solution integrated into your existing infrastructure (for example with a central search engine, bibliographic record repository, and repository/server for JPEG 2000).

Media Info user interface offers the following functions:

We understand the challenges libraries face, and helps the customers make their library collections available digitally through any web browser in a way that is intuitive and fast for all users. Our customers include libraries at every stage of the digitization process.

Whether you have already digitized your content but you want an engaging way to present it or you are just embarking on digitizing your collection and you need an end-to-end solution to make the transition to digital, Media Info is the best way to achieve it.

The connected generation still demands the rich information that libraries have, but the information needs to be delivered in the way people now work and learn.

Media Info supports all leading scanner technologies and digitization formats. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Media Info bridges that digital/analog divide. There is no other software that offers the smooth zoom capability, the real-time and faithful reproduction of high resolution manuscripts and illustrations within books.


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